About The Event


ZINC, Federation Square,


Monday and Tuesday
July 20 to 21, 2020

Climate Leadership Conference

The Climate Leadership Conference is Australia’s premier event dedicated to addressing the climate crisis through policy, innovation, and business solutions.

The Conference brings together forward-thinking leaders from business, government, academia, and the non-profit community to explore energy and climate solutions and opportunities, and to showcase climate leadership.

The Conference will feature:

• Creating business and economic opportunities through climate leadership;
• The power of investment to influence climate decisions;
• Taking a proactive approach to carbon disclosure;
• Understanding the future of climate risk;
• Weather extremes – the future of bushfires, storms and floods in Australia.
• Factoring climate change and resilience into planning and infrastructure decisions;
• Latest best practice case studies in achieving net-zero emissions;
• Collaborative procurement to achieve low carbon goals;
• Adaptive communities – how communities are collaborating, learning about and responding to climate change.

Who will be there?

The Conference provides a unique platform for networking with and learning from climate, energy, and sustainability professionals across diverse sectors. Join the community of public and private sector leaders who are at the vanguard of climate action in Australia to:

• Build strategic connections across diverse sectors
• Gain key insights and best practices in an ever-evolving field
• Celebrate the organizations and individuals who are making a difference
• Collaborate with local and national decision-makers

The Conference will attract climate and sustainability professionals from all levels of government, business and industry groups from across Australia.

● Federal, State and Local Government representatives, including Department Heads, Mayors, CEOs, Councillors and Planning and Sustainability managers
● Institutional investors
● Industry associations
● NGOs and many more.

Our Speakers

Just a few of our speakers...


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